hard-boiled wonderland.

our home.

we’re finally finished getting things settled in the new place. it feels great! we’re so grateful to everyone that helped us.

lerrie came over bright and early and we started working. after we lunched, lounged, napped, watched a couple movies, and ate macarons (thanks aimee <3). our couch is so cozy!i fixed up the legs on the couch. it’s great to finally own a couch that seats more than two & that doesn’t hurt. i’m in serious like with my coffee table… it’s from amsterdam. i bought it from a woman called ellen who owns a furniture shop in silverlake,amsterdam modern, that specializes in furniture from amsterdam (duh). i wish i had photos of her warehouse-it was amazing. zuhair and i fell in love with so many of her pieces. our place is a mixture of old and new. i brought over some furniture and stuff from my old room… i finally have a place to hang a piece of artwork nana bought for me while we were traveling through india & one of my favorite sketches lerrie made for me back in the day. now that everything is settled i have time for my two remaining summer classes. 

lerrieann pays so much attention to detail-i love her brain so much for that. she’s so gosh darn artistic! i feel so lucky to know her. it was so nice spending qt with one of my besties <3 i miss her so much. 

our place:

our lil’ reading nook:

my baby greens & minerals:


kitchen guardians:


beet cake for brunch & the lamp i thrifted the other day:


     mama in her cubby again:

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